Sql and MySql difference

Sql and MySql difference

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What is the difference between sql and mysql?

Sql is query language but Mysql is free and open source relational database management system(RDBMS). Dont be confuse between sql and mysql.

Main differences between sql and mysql

We create databases to store data in mysql server and we use sql to write query in Mysql. Queries are used to manage database. We create tables inside database to store data. We can create and delete database by sql query.

We can also get a list of all databases by query.

Tables can be created and deleted by query. We can also get a list of all tables by query.

Mysql uses Apache web server. Apache http server is free open source web server software.

Mysql workbench is a visual database designing tool for working with mysql servers and databases.

C and C++ language has been used to write Mysql.

We can import and export our all data in Mysql server. There are different methods are available to import and export data in mysql.

Every database use sql language to write query and there might be some minor changes between their syntax. for example there are some minor changes between MsSql and MySql.

We can add multiple users to single database.

We can also give permission to users about what are their tasks.

Types of query

Query are of different types

These are main queries to perform an action on database:

a. Insert query

insert query is used to insert new records in table.

b. Update query

update query is used to update records in table. You can update one or multiple records at a time.

c. Delete query

delete query is used to delete records in table. You can delete one or multiple records at a time.

d. Select query

select query is used to fetch records from table.

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