Mysql copy database

Mysql copy database

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We can copy mysql database to another database which is on same server or another server. It is easy and fast process.

Lets know what are the steps of mysql copy database to another database

Mysql copy database to another database steps:

Step 1: Take backup of database whom do you want to copy

Step 2: Create new database in which you want to copy

Step 3: Import backup file into new database

for example, we have student database and we want to copy student database into college database. so first we take backup of student database. We know, we use mysql dump tool for database backup.

Mysql backup database command line syntax

mysqldump -u [user_name] -p [user_password] [database_name] > [dump_file_name.sql]

I am using local server, so database backup command will be

mysqldump -u root -p student > d:\student.sql

in my case username is root and password is empty.

Mysql create database syntax

create database database_name;

now i am going to create college database in mysql server and command line will be

create database college;

so our new database is ready and we have taken backup of student database and it's time to import student.sql file into college database.

Mysql import database command line syntax

mysql -u [user_name] -p [user_password] [database_name] < [dump_file_name.sql]

We will import student.sql file into college database and import database mysql command line will be

mysql -u root -p college < d:\student.sql

mysql copy database

So we saw mysql copy database is easy, simple and fast process.

Mysql copy database is very useful when we are working on any project and continue we are doing some changes in current database so we have to keep database backup. We also use this database backup for local server testing.

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