Mysql command show databases

Mysql command show databases

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Mysql is free and open source relational database management system(RDBMS). We can create multiple databases into Mysql server and we can show all databases in mysql server from command line.

Mysql command show databases

Step 1: go to mysql folder directory.

Step 2: then go to bin directory inside mysql.

Step 3: Connect Mysql server. Enter command mysql -u [username] -p[password]

Step 4: Enter password

Step 5: write query "show databases;" and hit enter

mysql command show databases

So these were the steps of mysql command show databases.

if we want to check database exists or not then mysql command show databases will be

show databases like 'database_name';

for example if we want to check student database exists or not in mysql server then mysql command show databases will be

show databases like 'student';

We create databases to store data.

Mysql uses Apache web server. Apache http server is free open source web server software.

We create tables inside database in mysql server to store data and We use sql to write query in Mysql.

We can create and delete database in mysql server by sql query. Tables can also be created inside database by mysql query.

If we run any sql query in mysql server which is related to specific database then first we have to select that database after that we run sql query.

We can add multiple users to single database.

We can also give permission to users about what are their tasks.

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