How to install php on windows

How to install php on windows

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What is PHP?

PHP is server side scripting language. It is open source programming language to make web application.

how to install php on windows?

There are some steps to install php on windows:

Step 1: Download XAMPP Server

I suggest you to first download xampp server from your browser to install php on windows because it is light weight and easy to use.

Step 2: Start Apache server and MySql Database

Now you need to go inside xampp folder then click on xampp-control.exe file. You can see XAMPP Control Panel.

install php on windows

Start Apache server and MySQL database.

Step:3 Run XAMPP on browser

php is install or not let's check it. Go to your browser and write localhost. hit enter. now you can see xampp home screen in front of you.

install php on windows

Well done! you have successfully installed xampp server.

Step:4 Create PHP project

Now go to xampp folder. click on it. there is htdocs folder. You have to make your project inside htdocs folder.

Let's create a small project named first_pro inside htdocs.

install php on windows

Click on first_pro. create a new file index.php

Open index.php in your text editor.

write php code here.

install php on windows

Step:5 Run your PHP code on browser

Save this file and go to your browser

Enter localhost/first_pro. hit enter.

Well done! our project is working :)

install php on windows

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